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A week in the life of DBIS

Head of School

Happy International Women’s Day!

The newsletter template barely provides sufficient space for a summary of events from the last week at DBIS. The last five days have been action-packed with students making excellent contributions to the life of the school in all three phases. Last night’s superb Year 3 production was a particular highlight in the Primary school. The children were outstanding as they performed a stunning show based on their conceptual wonderings of the world around us. Thank you to all the staff and parents for helping the children to excel. 

I also wanted to congratulate our Secondary mathematics team for competing on behalf of the school in last week’s NEAMC competition in South Korea. The NEAMC team did incredibly well and is worthy of high praise.

We are now looking forward to “DBIS Live” where students from across the school will perform a range of instrumental solos in the Globe Theatre later this evening.

The school’s U13 FOBISIA team’s participation in this weekend’s competition in Phuket is also eagerly anticipated. Our Secondary school may be smaller than many of our rival schools. However, the tenacity, commitment and sportsmanship of our FOBISIA team is second to none. I look forward to hearing about the students’ individual and collective achievements as the competition progresses this weekend. 

This Saturday’s International Food Fair promises to be another enjoyable community event. The Food Fair is always one of the school calendar’s major highlights and a very obvious reminder that DBIS is an international, community school like no other. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fair’s organisation thus far and in particular to members of the PTSA Committee for their hard work and meticulous planning.  The theme of the Food Fair this year is environmental sustainability and I’m delighted that we are aiming to use recyclable cups, plates and cutlery at all the food stalls.

Finally, a reminder that the school continues to welcome applications for the school’s Scholarship Programme and information regarding the programme can be accessed at the following link

Best wishes for the weekend ahead. 

Paul Tough
Head of School

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