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In Computer Science, Year 7 have just completed their ‘Minecraft Programming’ project, in which they first created mazes in groups and then programmed a Minecraft ‘robot’ to solve any maze. Minecraft provides an excellent opportunity for Year 7 pupils to problem solve and program solutions to problems in 3 dimensions. Pupils had to consider a number of issues that could stop the progress of their robot through the maze,  how would they tackle dead ends, junctions with 3 or 4 directions and looping sections in mazes.

In Computer Science, Year 9 have just begun a new topic on hacking, piracy and data protection. Pupils are looking into how to protect themselves  online and gaining an appreciation  and awareness of methods of attack from hackers. In the role playing game 'Targeted Attack' they gained an appreciation for what it must be like to be hacked as a company just getting started.

Hacking and Piracy 
Targeted Attack 

My experience was good as it gave me an insight on the things that really happen when you are venerable and don't have a good firewall. It was tough to make the decisions because the outcomes were drastic and would impact the business a lot. Sometimes I tried to avoid disaster but that didn't pay of as I wasn't looking at the final picture. Some key choices included shutting down the server and finding out whether one of our own people in Fugul contacted the press. I think next time I should look more of the final picture and not think about all the disasters. 

Targeted attacks are where someone is trying to hack into your system and extract information about your business, in this case about the new app that Fugul is launching. You can stop a cyber attack by having a strong firewall which will stop hackers from entering private information about your website. 

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