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Year 7 Newsletter

Secondary Year 7

Year 7 have been getting into theme of Internationalism in advance of our ‘Internationalism Week’ coming up after the Christmas break. 

The students have been developing their knowledge of Aboriginal Art after completing their Insect ‘Still Life’ drawing unit.  This greater global awareness and understanding has been further enhanced in their Humanities lessons through the study of  Thailand.  Our Thailand study unit has further enriched the experiential learning carried out while in Banthaton, Northern Thailand. 

Our Year 7 students have been developing their knowledge of Global Tourism and its impacts by learning about the Pedaung Tribe of Burma/Northern Thailand.  This focus on Aboriginal Art and the Pedaung has allowed our students to have glimpses into the world’s of people that are on the face of it very different to our local community.  Our students have realised that upon reflection the similarities between cultures far outweigh the differences.

Continuing this world awareness theme, our Year 7 English classes have been learning about Slavery and the ‘Underground Railroad’ in North America.  The Year 7 children have gained the opportunity to explore the world through the eyes of another (this time from another time period as well as country).  Year 7 students have been reading ‘Underground to Canada’ by Barbara Smucker.  This book has captured the hearts and minds of a number of the students with Mackenzie Winterling, Summer Dubrowski and Savian Bertamini all showing excellent awareness and involvement in their appreciation of the material.

One of our Year 7 students has just returned from representing Hong Kong at an Ice Hockey tournament in South Korea.  Nolan Winchester from Storm House captained his HK Under 12 team and gained the player of the tournament award as HK Selects played South Korea, Japan and China.  His team are performing well and have been unbeaten in recent games. Nolan showed his commitment and leadership talents to help the side to victory in the Zenith tournament.  He is another example of the fine sporting talent being nurtured at DBIS.

As you are all no doubt aware our first ever Year 7 ‘Secret Santa’ started last week.  A small group of our year 7 girls led by Brianna Hopkins, Alice Ypersiel and Mia Lee asked for permission to set up and run the event.  All of our students were invited to get involved.  We greatly appreciate your support with this event!

There are many big events coming up in the New Year, with the School Production and the Thunder House Social to name but a few.  Until next time, we hope that you all have a lovely Christmas Holiday and wish you all the best for the festive period.

Kind regards,

Mr Wills

Head of Year 7

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