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Welcome back and Happy New Year to all our Early Years’ families.

There was certainly a buzz in the air when the students sprung into class on Tuesday morning. They were clearly delighted to be back at school and eager to be learning with their friends once again.

We have been busy this week reading our postcards. Our students have been on some very interesting adventures during the holidays. Thank you for sharing your family experiences with us. Such adventures have been the inspiration for many sustained conversations throughout the week. This has enabled the students to continue to develop a sense of who they are and how they are special, which has been our focus for this week’s Interculturalism Week. We welcomed parents into school to share their personal experiences of celebrating Hanukkah.  

As the students learning on the beliefs and traditions of different festivals deepens they are now beginning to compare and identify the similarities and differences across familiar festivals and celebrations. The weeks ahead promise to be equally as stimulating as the students begin to create their self representations and of course, learn about the beliefs and traditions of Chinese New Year.

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