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Secondary Languages

Languages Year 10 & 11

Mandarin Y10 & Y11
Y10 students have been split into two level groups. The smaller class size enables teachers and students to have more focused learning environment.

Y11 students have been split into two classes. One Edexcel class and one Cambridge class. The two classes have similar topics but varied requirements on students’ language skills.

French Y10 & Y11
Y11 have been working on illnesses and ailments in French this term.  They are able to talk about what hurts and how to ask for the right pills, creams and lotions from the pharmacy.  This is good practice for remembering different parts of the body and complaining that it hurts a lot!
Y10 are beginning to explore the advantages and disadvantages of living in a town compared to life in the countryside.  This is an important IGCSE topic which involves talking about leisure opportunities, transport and preferences for where you would like to live. Discussions will focus on a quieter perhaps more boring time in the countryside compared to a faster-paced more exciting time in the city. 

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