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What's Been Happening in Year 1

Primary Year 1

This week we continue to learn about our personal goal, Communication.  

We agree it is a vital tool and there are many different ways we communicate.  We enjoyed learning how to communicate with sign language and we learned how to sign our names!

Year 1 continued to learn lots of new maths skills.  We learned how to measure using non-standard units such as small blocks.  We used these blocks to help us measure the length as well as the weight of an object.  We also learned how to share and cut items into halves and quarters.

We practiced writing and editing sentences to make sure we are using full stops and capital letters.  We are very proud with our rewrite of "Handa’s Surprise!” and did so well with using all of the skills we have learned.  We all love tangerines and had fun applying our new maths skills by dividing them into halves and quarters to share with our friends.  We also loved using pic collage and seesaw to show our understanding.    

We continued to learn about healthy and unhealthy routines in life.  We all agree it is important to be healthy and do our best to eat well, exercise, sleep well and rest and relax. 


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