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What's Been Happening in Year 2

Primary Year 2

Following our trip to the museum the Year 2 students have been extremely busy in their English lessons working on their recount writing skills.

We have been focusing on using conjunctions as openers and to extend a sentence, commas in lists and using full stops and capital letters in the correct places. We have learned some exciting new actions for the conjunction words so that they are easier to memorise. To really jog our memories and to make sure we have written the days events in chronological order we have learned how to use a new app called ‘Shadow Puppets’. This allows students to create their own videos that are easy to share. We simply combined the photos taken on the day of our trip with music, text and our own voice over.

In Mathematics we have completed our work on multiplication and the students really got to grips with the concepts of ‘groups of’ and that the basic idea of multiplication is repeated addition. We have started to learn our 2, 5 and 10 timetables. The students are also consolidating their knowledge by logging into matheletics and completing tasks online.  This week we have been focusing on addition and subtraction along a number line and how to partition a two-digit number into tens and units.

In IPC we have started our Celebrations unit and we have buried the Time Detective unit (quite literally). The students worked tirelessly on their time capsules and they are now ready to be buried (over the Chinese New Year break). 


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