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The English and Humanities team are very proud of the work the key stage 3 students created in our interdisciplinary unit during Internationalism week. 

Students were tasked with the question: What does it mean to be a ‘Third Culture Kid’ here are some examples of what they came up with:

England is the country I associate myself with
Hong Kong is the the country where I live
England is the country where I first grew up in
But Hong Kong is now my home
England is the country where most my relatives live
Hong Kong is where I see all my friends

But I belong to one country
And I live in another place
And there is nothing that I would change

I'm proud to be to be where I'm from
And proud to be where I am now
It's always difficult leaving a home forever
But it's a great experience joining a new place

Form the skyline to the culture
To the people and the new faces
You can't guarantee nothing except the change that awaits

to all my old friends I wish you only good things
But sorry I have a new life to begin
And even though we're miles away
I'll always be with you
By Charlie Higgins

'Third culture kid'

Det er det som de kalder mig
Når jeg prøver at forklare
At jeg ikke kommer  fra Syd Korea

Selvom jeg var født der,
Jeg har aldrig rigtig følt at
Mit hjem er i Korea

Jeg var altså bare født der

Mine forældre kommer fra Danmark
Jer er ikke i tvivl om det
Men jeg aner bare ikke længere

Hvor jeg kommer fra, kan du se?

Jeg har boet i Hong Kong i 13 år
Det er her mit hjem er, fik jeg det sagt?
Men jeg kommer slet ikke fra Hong Kong
Jeg kommer kun fra Danmark

Måske kan du ikke forstå mig,
Jeg vil ikke bebrejde dig for det
Der er ikke mange som kan så i stedet for
Kalder de mig  'a Third Culture Kid'

'Third culture kid'
That's what I become
When I attempt to explain
That South Korea is not where I'm from

Even though it's where I was born,
I have never really felt that
South Korea was my home
I mean it's only where I was born

My parents are from Denmark,
There's no doubt about that
But I don't know where I'm from anymore
Do you understand?

I've lived in Hong Kong for 13 years
I call this home, that's what I'd say
But I don't come from Hong Kong at all
I'm danish for the rest of my days

Maybe you can't understand it,
I wouldn't blame you if you did
Not many people do, so instead
They call me a 'Third culture kid'

By Emilie Skovfoged 9B

Olen suomalainen,
Tai ainakin luulen olevani.

Olen asunut muissa maissa melkein koko elämäni,
Niin en oikeen tiedä mistä tulen.

Olen asunut Hongkongissa, Englannissa ja Suomessa,
Mutta en sovi missään kunnolla.

Haluaisin paikan missä olen kotona,
Mutta semmoista ei tule olemaan.

Olen Suomesta,

Mutta en ole asunut siellä kuin kolme vuotta.

Olen Hongkongista,

Mutta en edes puhu paikalliskieltä.
Olen Englannista,
Mutta siellä ei ole ketään tuttavia.

Minä unelmoin Lapista,
Missä on lunta ja on kylmä.
Mutta ihmiset siellä haluavat päästä pois kylmästä,
Jonnekin paratiisi saarelle jossa on palmuja ja kuuma.

Kun ihmiset kysyy, "Mistä olet kotoisin?"
Vastaan että olen Suomesta.
Joo, olen syntynyt siellä ja kaikki perheeni ovat Suomessa,
Mutta en tiedä mistään miltä tuntuu asua siellä.

Kesällä aurinko ei laske,
Ja talvella ei nouse.
Kesällä ei tarvi ilmastointikonetta,
Mutta talvella neljä kerrosta.

Miltä tuntuu kun saa valita vaatteet kouluun?
Miltä tuntuu kun koulupäivät vaihtelee?
Miltä tuntuu mennä kotiin ja kukaan ei ole kotona?
Miltä tuntuu asua Suomessa?

En tiedä, ja en tule tietämään,
Koska olen 'a Third Culture Kid'.


I am Finnish,
Or at least I like to think so.
I've lived in other countries almost my entire life,
So I don't really know where to call home.

I've lived in Hong Kong, England and Finland,
But I don't perfectly fit anywhere.
I'd like a place to call home,
But that's not going to happen.

I'm from Finland,
But I've only lived there for three years.
I'm from Hong Kong,
But I don't even speak the language.
I'm from England,
But I have no relatives there.

I dream of Lapland,
Where it's snowing and it's cold.
But people there want to get away from the dark,

To a paradise island with palm trees, where it's hot.

When people ask, "Where are you from?"
I answer that I'm from Finland.
Yes I was born there and I have relatives there,

But I don't know what it's like to live there.

In the Summer, the sun doesn't set,
But in the Winter, it doesn't rise.
In Summer you don't need the aircon,
But in Winter you wear four layers.

What is it like to choose what you wear to school?
What is it like to have school days of different lengths?
What is it like to go home and find no one there yet?
What is it like to live in Finland?

I don't know, and won't ever know
Because I'm 'a third culture kid'.
Pihla Antila


Deep below my other feelings
Is where my heart lays
In the mist of the morning and the bright light warning
In a pile of grass and hay

Wanderlust, wandering, My mind tends to wander
Away from the place I call home
The people I know and the river that flows
Until then my heart will roam

Roam, I will, till the great dawn of time
In the crowds of people and busy lines
Of honking horns and strange faces
While I'm stumbling through rough places

And rough people and rough words

That I will never fit in
With a different perspective and my heart lifted

Is the world I live in today

My face will tell one story

But my words a whole other
The sun setting sky, and birds that fly
Are all my mothers and brothers

My feet will walk a distance
But my heart will jump a mile
Skipping round from place to place

Meeting many smiles

Smiles that tell the annoying truth
That I will never be like you
And even though we speak the same words
I will never properly be heard

My globe that sits on my table
Will always be a cultural stable
That holds my heart in its hands
With all the green that covers the lands
'Where are you from?'  is what they all ask
It's what they don't understand

That even though I live in one place
That I come from a different land
My voice will sing more than one anthem
As I don't belong to one place
I don't just wave one single flag

I belong to the human race
Sienna Bertamini

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