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Year 7 Newsletter

Secondary Year 7

It has been a great start to the term so far, this week we have explored how we can use and leverage the right attitude to achieve greater success and heighten our performances in the arts, sports and our studies.

In addition, a group of Year 7 were invited to participate in a drama and theatre workshop with our first artist in residence Shane Jones. Shane is a highly respected and talented theatre director who has worked extensively with ISTA.  Over the course of last week some of our Year 7 were lucky enough to have a chance to work with him to enhance their creativity and dramatic skills.

Building on the theatrical theme we had a small number of our Year 7 cohort participating in the DBIS hosted ISTA event over last weekend. This was was highly rewarding and enriching experience for all.  We will have feedback in the next newsletter instalment from the following list of budding thespians: Reese Acorn, Alessandra Giovannetti, Emma Meyers, Noel Amate, Freya Dingley, Hana-Mathilde Sullivan and Amelie Garwood.  I am sure they will all have many interesting stories from what proved to be an extremely successful event.

We are now in the last week of what has been an action packed half term.  The end of this half term will be extra special as we get a chance to celebrate and enjoy the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities.  Many of our Year 7 students have been studying the festival and some have been learning to do a traditional 'Fan Dance'.  We will hopefully have some lovely photographs of this celebration in upcoming posts.

That's all from the Year 7 team. We will be back in touch in the near future.

Kind regards,

Mr Wills


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