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What's Been Happening in Year 4

Primary Year 4

Wow, we are in the second part of term 2 already!

We have started our Young Entrepreneur topic and the children are excited to begin designing their own products or services to sell and market. To start this process we have been thinking about the products and services we currently use and developing creative ideas as to how we could improve upon them. The students have enjoyed playing a monetary version of musical chairs to help them understand supply and demand and they will be carrying out market research about their product ideas very soon to assess the demand for their own product or service. The students are also starting to think about all the costs involved in making a product or supplying a service. They want to make a profit!

In English, we will be focusing on note-taking. Note-taking is an important skill that students will continue to build on through secondary school. The students will be thinking about different strategies they can use to to best organise and retain information that they find out from different types of texts, including how they can use keywords or symbols to help remember important parts. The students will also be developing their understanding of persuasive texts and using these to promote their Young Entrepreneur designs, building upon their understanding of advertising from the Shaping Up topic earlier this year. 

In Maths, the students continue to focus on problem solving and developing a growth mindset. Lots of students have a mental block about maths so it is important to recognise that there is not always a right answer and that maths is often about trying to find solutions. Real life scenarios help build purpose and context for your child and so the purposeful application of maths outside of school is a real help to building number sense. Please encourage your child to think about maths in real contexts; they may be able to calculate the change when you are shopping or work out how many items you could buy for a certain amount. Students are focusing on measurements and reading scales again this week, so recipes are a great way to build understanding - a good reason to ask them to help with the cooking! 


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