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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

We hope that you all had a Happy Chinese New Year holiday. The children have come back with tales of trips, hikes, parties, rugby camps and playdates so it was obviously action packed!

They have also come back with focus and a huge amount of enthusiasm for the continuation of our Space Explorers topic. The children have been working in groups to complete a series of challenges in order to learn more about this topic, working with our concepts of Discovery, Exploration and Technology to help them. The first challenge they completed was to make up a mnemonic to help them to remember the order of the planets. This week they are working collaboratively to creatively portray the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth, focussing on how days, night and seasons occur. To record their work they have shared Google Folders and files with each other and have been uploading their solutions to the challenges to their Seesaw account.  

On Thursday we will have the opportunity to watch a performance of ‘Why the Whales Came’. This book, by Michael Morpurgo, is being read in class and is the focus of our English writing. Before Chinese New Year we wrote descriptions of characters in the book and this week we have focussed on describing settings by ‘showing not telling’. This has been challenging for many children but has led to some fantastic descriptive language being used in their quest to paint a picture using words. We are all looking forward to watching the theatre performance and seeing how similar or different it is from the book we are reading.

We were very proud to watch several of our year group perform in the finals of ‘DBIS has got talent’ earlier this week. A huge well done to all of the children who entered the competition. We love the confidence and talent you all show. A big shout out goes to Dillon, Sana, Ana, Hettie and Eve who are now patiently waiting for the final results to be announced.

The Year 5 team

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