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A week in the life of DBIS

Head of School

The sudden loss of someone special in your life is one of the hardest things we have to face. 


It can be incredibly painful and confusing, and the impact can be felt for a long time.  This week the DBIS community suffered such a loss with the tragic death of our friend, colleague, and teacher, Mr. Mark O’Reilly.  Mr. O’Reilly taught secondary Mathematics and coached football for over four and half years at DBIS. He was a hugely respected member of staff and his caring, engaged, committed and gentle approach will be greatly missed by us all. 


It’s at times such as this that our school shows that it’s not just a place of learning; DBIS is a focal point for our community and an extended family for many people. This week we have dealt with our individual and collective grief by talking about Mr. O’Reilly and remembering his time with us.  Our intention now is to collectively celebrate Mr. O’Reilly’s life and how much he meant to us all at DBIS. To this end staff and students are planning a memorial service to be held on the morning Sunday, February 19. The service will be open to everyone at school and the wider community. My colleague, Mr. Mike Waller, will provide more information about the timing of the service during the early part of next week. In the meantime, I wanted to extend my gratitude to everyone at DBIS for the mutual care, kindness, support and understanding shown throughout this most challenging of weeks.




Paul Tough 

Head of School 


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