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What's Been Happening in Year 1

Primary Year 1

Healthy, Happy Humans has seen everyone in Year 1 continue to think about how to keep our bodies as well as our minds healthy.


Over the last few weeks we have been focussing on how to keep our minds healthy. We have completed work on 'bucket filling'. We have been considering how our words can be very powerful and can affect other people. We have been thinking about positive things to say to our friends and family which will help them to keep their 'bucket' full. 


We have been continuing our work on Handa's Surprise and most of us have changed our characters. We have been learning about some special 'writing secrets' which have included 'power openers' and 'adjectives'. We have had great success in using freshly learnt openers and adjectives in our writing. We can't wait until we write our own stories based on Handa's Surprise. 


Our Math's lessons have included lots of practical activities about halving and quartering. We have been splitting fruit and different food into halves and quarters and have begun working on finding halves and quarters of numbers. We are continuing to work on rapid recall of addition facts, number bonds and partitioning numbers. 


We had a great time celebrating Chinese New Year and all enjoyed attending the Year 3 dress rehearsal this week. We have already begun to get very excited about our show in Term 3. 


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