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A week in the life of DBIS

Head of School

A week in the life of DBIS

Year 3 show
The excitement in the primary school has been building all week as dress rehearsals for tonight’s Year 3 show, “A Home for All,” have taken place. The show is incredibly innovative and creative as every element of the production including the script, set, props, costumes, lighting and sound have involved the children’s ideas and choices. The show is also driven by the children’s term two enquiry unit which allows them to develop a conceptual understanding of how light and sound can be used to create a dramatic effect.
Food Fair
Preparations for next week’s International Food Fair are also well underway. As always, the event promises to be a fun day for the whole family, featuring a variety of entertainment, and of course an array of delicious food from all over the world.  Thank you in advance to all the parents and staff who have contributed to the organisation of the event. In particular a big thank you to the PTSA Committee for their thorough planning and preparation.
Internationalism at DBIS
Staff and students have recently evaluated the concept of internationalism at DBIS. The intention has been to define what internationalism means to us as a school and how we try to develop an international understanding with all members of our community. As an outcome of this process, we’ve drafted a statement of internationalism at DBIS and rewritten our mission and vision to make our commitment more explicit. Before final versions are published later this month, we welcome parental feedback at the following link

School Council Meeting and Facilities Development
This week I met with the School Council to discuss the school’s budget, staff recruitment, the school’s development plan and facilities development. As an outcome of this, I am very pleased that the School Council has agreed to our plans for the significant development of learning spaces in the school. Excitingly these include the creation of our new primary and secondary library, installation of the pool’s heating system, creation of four new secondary classrooms, redevelopment of the outdoor area at the Early Years to reflect a more natural environment and the installation of a new all-weather surface and LED lighting at our pitch. We are hosting a parent forum on March 30 to talk through these plans while more information about our library concept can be accessed HERE. During the School Council meeting, we also discussed school expansion again, and I am hopeful of updating you with a positive outcome later  in the term.

CIS Survey and Accreditation
Thank you to everyone who has already completed the CIS community survey that was sent out to all parents earlier this week by my colleague, Mike Waller. The survey is an essential part of the CIS accreditation process as it helps us determine our strengths and areas for development. The survey’s outcomes will help inform our strategic planning and future direction as a school. If you have not already done so can I encourage you to spare 10 minutes and complete the survey HERE.
Memorial Service for Mr. Mark O’Reilly
The last two weeks have been incredibly difficult for the school due to the loss of Mr. Mark O’Reilly. We are thankful for your understanding, support and condolences. Members of the school and the wider community are invited to attend a Memorial Service for Mr. O’Reilly at DBIS, this Sunday 19 February at 10 am.
I wish you all a peaceful weekend.
Paul Tough
Head of School

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