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What's Been Happening in Year 3

Primary Year 3

What an exciting week it has been in Year 3!

The final show preparations have resulted in three very successful dress and tech rehearsals. On Monday our youngest members of DBIS - the Early Years were thrilled by the show and it was lovely to have a group of students from Wei Lun and of course so many of the students’ aunties - it was a very special first performance. The pattern continued with the performances to the primary school too.

As you will know, this year we have taken a very different approach with how the Year 3 Show was put together. As a team we reflected on what skills, experiences and memories we wanted our students to take away from a show and then be able to transfer to other learning opportunities - both this year and beyond. We certainly feel this has been achieved!

The students are very excited to be performing "A Home for All"  - A Light and Sound Extravaganza to you and whilst you are watching it, please do take the time to fully appreciate the roles they have undertaken to bring their hard work to the stage. These have included - developing the ideas and structure for the show; selecting and programming lighting sequences; programming technology and iPad apps; developing and practising dance sequences; composing music and singing songs; performing poetry and of course promoting the show itself by producing the tickets, posters and the programme. The skills developed throughout this journey have been immense and the students have constantly impressed us at every stage! We are all so looking forward to seeing you at the show tonight - 6:30pm - in the Globe with refreshments being served from 6pm in the Boardwalk.

“This might be the show of my life”
Morgan Dai, Y3RM



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