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In Memory of Mr O’Reilly

Since our last Mathematics & Computing entry to the newsletter the faculty has been through a very challenging and emotional period. The unexpected and tragic loss of our dear colleague, Mr O’Reilly, has had a huge impact on both staff and students alike and no doubt will have a continued effect into the future. 

Mr O’Reilly played a pivotal role in shaping Mathematics at DBIS and has been responsible for countless success stories regarding both past and present students during his time at the school. Most recently Mr O’Reilly had a hand in crafting the current Year 7 scheme of work, which was described as “sensational” by problem-solving expert, Professor Peter O’Sullivan of Monash University, Australia. Indeed much of the learning experiences delivered through this new curriculum were a direct result of Mr O’Reilly’s hard work and dedication to our teaching team.

Mr O’Reilly was also a role model for all of us as he was a committed lifelong learner. Like many of his colleagues at DBIS Mr O’Reilly was studying for his Masters Degree, with the aim of enhancing his professional knowledge and understanding. In fact Mr O’Reilly was about to embark upon his research with Year 9 students during the coming weeks and months. His desire to improve, grow and learn should be an inspiration to us all.

Mr O’Reilly had an excellent sense of humour and he was a positive, supportive member of the faculty. He will be sorely missed by students and colleagues.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Reid, Mrs Prabhu and Ms Wong for their tireless efforts and support during this difficult time for the Mathematics & Computing Faculty. There is no doubt that we will continue to strive for excellence in teaching and learning in the hope that Mr O’Reilly will feel we are doing him proud.    

David LaCumber
Mathematics & Computing Faculty Leader



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