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What's Been Happening in Year 4

Primary Year 4

Wow, another exciting week! 

On Monday, Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic Creative Arts morning. The focus for this was advertising, building upon the students’ understanding of advertising gained during their Shaping Up topic and supporting their understanding of marketing for their Young Entrepreneurs topic. The students focused on one area of the arts and used that as a medium to advertise a product through a jingle, drama or artwork. This was really successful; the students had fun learning new skills and they will be able to utilise these to promote their own products later in the term.

On Wednesday, the Year 4 students got to visit the Discovery Dome in the Globe. This was a great learning experience as students found out about entrepreneurism and collaboration in the context of space exploration. The students loved the visual element, and came away with their imaginations fired up and with a good understanding of the team-work involved in group tasks. They will now be putting these skills into practice as they develop their product and design appropriate market research.

In English, we are building upon their understanding of advertising and marketing to think about persuasion in writing. The students are learning how to structure a persuasive text, how to think about different perspectives and how to build an argument. They will then use these skills to offer their insight into a way to improve the school or the community. We look forward to reading some interesting ideas!

In Maths, students have been developing their understanding of money and decimals through a rich task exploring charities and donations. The students have really loved thinking about the real life application of this task as they calculate different money problems and think about proportions and percentages.

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