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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

Our Y5 space explorers were blown away by our visit to the Discovery Dome this week where we learned all about the dawn of the space age, the space race and space exploration in the future. 

It is predicted that by the time our Year 5s are in their thirties there will be people living on Mars and our children will be involved in many projects relating to space exploration.  The discussions that have arisen have been fuelled by the enthusiasm and excitement the children have for this topic.  In the coming weeks we hope to be able to ask questions of an astronaut that has both traveled to space and had responsibility in mission control. For more information on this space exploration in the future there is a TED talk by Stephen Petrenek – Your kids might live on Mars – Here’s how they’ll survive.

Our trip to the theatre to see ‘Why the Whales Came,’ gave us an opportunity to see the story from another perspective.  It has been interesting to discuss the similarities and differences and the reasons for these as we near the end of the novel. We are looking forward to moving onto newspaper reports which will tie in well with our 'colonisation of Mars' in IPC.

The children have been busy writing fabulous stories for the Big Award for Writing using the following stimulus - UFO invasion

Here are some excerpts:
‘All of a sudden, out of the blue, the clouds grew smoky grey… BANG! CRASH! BOOM! Bloodshot bronze fireballs flew out of the sky like little phoenixes.’ Olivia
‘North of here, there were strange things happening.  Agent Alberto was immediately sent out to investigate.’ Alberto
‘The ambition for his job had long since faded; some called him the most important man in England, but those who knew him, knew, the title he deserved was nothing of the sort.’ Oscar-Mattaeus
‘"No it must be a dream, I just have to pinch myself,” I squeaked and opened my eyes.  This was no dream, this was reality…’ Harry

Next week is book week and the English team have lined up a fabulous array of activities for us to take part in throughout the week.  A highlight for us all is always the character dress up day on Thursday 2 March and we hope the children have been thinking about their costumes. Mr Haines is looking for photos of extreme reading and ‘shelfies’ (children reading on a shelf or with a bookshelf behind them), to cover the white wall in front of the cafeteria. Please email these photos to



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