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Secondary Languages


French Y10 & Y11

Dossier “Bien manger”: c’est quoi L’obésité?
The Y11 group have been practising their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills on the theme of healthy living and how to combat stress. Quite appropriate as the exams are quickly approaching. This week we have been focussing on French phrases and expressions on ways to prevent obesity (l’obésité) and how to have a healthy lifestyle of balanced meals, (il faut équilibrer les repas) and exercise, (faire du sport et bouger!) 

Le nombre d’enfants touchés par l’obésité augmente.

Mandarin Y10 & Y11

Y10 have completed the Food and Festival unit. Evie McClelland, Sonya Polezhayeva and Chris Watanabe have done an amazing job in the unit writing assessment. They have just started the unit of School Life. By the end of Term 2, the students will undergo writing and listening assessments.

Y11 students have been working very hard to prepare for their IGCSE exam. The speaking exam is fast approaching, it will take place straight after term 2.

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