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Year 7 Newsletter

Secondary Year 7

Tuesday saw DBIS enjoy another hugely successful and exciting ‘Sports Day’ arranged by Sam Nicholls (Acting Head of PE).  

The day ran extremely smoothly with an excellent turn out.  It was great to see so many Year 7 students participating and competing in a range of track and field events.  The level of competitiveness was as high as ever with many personal bests smashed on a day of excellance in both sporting endeavour and comraderie.  There was even time for humour with some ‘fun events’ added into the programme.  The ‘sack race’ and ‘egg and spoon race’ both caught the eye.  These fun events entertained the participants and the crowds in equal measure.  Here are a few quotes from the Year 7 participants:

Year 7 Boys
Max Campbell 'the sports day was really enjoyable'
Harry Maxwell 'it was so competitive'
Mateo Kennish  'it was very good, agreat preparation for FOBISIA' 
Jaik Patidar  'really enjoyable, it helped me improve my running technique'
Harrison Squires 'a great opportunity to do every sport. It was so good to do the competitive and fun events'
Remi Karlin 'A beautiful day for running'
Cyrus Lee  'A great day'
Jeremy Harvey 'It has been my favourite sports day so far’ 
Ben Harvey  ‘I came third in a hard race, I did well and the day was fun’
Billy Higgins  ‘It is so nice to be making my recovery from injury with the support of DBIS.  Beautiful temperature and a really nice day!’
John Ling  ‘An amazing day, one to remember’
Nolan Winchester  ‘Hard but fun. I was surprised by how fast I was able to run.  It was a pretty cool day!’
Declan Guinea  ‘Just try try try. It's all about doing your best!’

Year 7 Girls
Emily Silkina  ‘It was a challenge but well worth the effort.  Three golds and three bronze medals’
Mirelle Makipaa  'I like throwing things'
Michelle Adom  ‘I stepped out of my comfort zone, it felt great’
Savannah Floyd  ‘Not my best performance but a great day’
Femke  Algera  ‘A great day, makes me want to get better and improve.  I feel so lucky to be at DBIS‘
Kiera Phoebus  ‘I really enjoyed the hundred meters race’
Alessandra Giovannetti Ridaura  ‘It was fun, exciting and tiring. It was all worth it’
Mia Lee ‘It was challenging and a lot of fun to support others in the school’
Sofia Leach ‘Fun, challenging, nerve wracking and sore’
Caitlin Mangel ‘Lots of fun cheering on my House and competing individually’
Reese Acorn  ‘I really enjoyed the long jump’
Hiu Tung (Tung Tung) Cheung  ‘I love the choice and getting to compete.  Even if I didn't win it was great to compete’

Continuing on the theme of sporting excellance we have a number of boys from Year 7 who represented the Discovery Bay Pirates in a recent tournament in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The boys played extremely well and made both their club and school proud.  In addition, the boys were good ambassadors for the school’s values and showed off our ongoing commitment to the many different sporting pursuits available in HK and abroad.  Here are a few quotes from the boys:

Under 13s Player:  
Jacob Borrelli  ‘It was great.  We smashed them and won the bowl.  Even though we won we still showed respect to our opponents’

Under 12s Players:
Harry Maxwell  ‘Unfortunately we didn't win the plate but we still played well.  We had a great time!  A good team game’
Jesse Lees ‘I think we did very well.  It was really hot, but we focused on the rugby and won our games.  It was a lot of fun’.
Max Campbell  ‘We did well in KL but we still need to develop more.  The team showed good commitment’.

A few weeks ago our Year 7 boys managed a 2nd place in the local ISSFHK age grade basket ball competition.  The boys missed out on victory after being beaten by HKIS.  It was an excellent tournament and one that showcased the growing skills of our Year 7 basketballers. The boys performed admirably and showed great commitment.  Here are a few quotes from the team:

Liam Henderson ‘I enjoyed it, it was my first time playing and it was great to be involved’
Jeremy Harvey ‘I liked it a lot, lots of fun with a great amount of game time’
Noel  ‘It was an amazing feeling’
Jesse Lees ‘We enjoyed the celebrations’
Basketball Team (Year 7 Boys)
Harrison Squires
Jeremy Harvey
Liam Henderson
Spencer Tsang
Jesse Lees
James Gordon
Luca Ameresekere
Noel Amate
Savian Bertamini
Scotty Joslyn
Billy Higgins

Our Year 7 Girls also went to the tournament.  The girls team beat Kellett School to come third in a very competitive ISSFHK Tournament.  Our girls showed great drive  and commitment having previously lost to Kellett in an earlier meet.  The girls did remarkably well and boosted their performance. The tournament showed off the team playing at a much higher level and was testament to their hard work at training.  Here are a few words from the players:

Clara Sweetman
‘It was a close game but we worked as a team and got it together to win’
Savannah Floyd
‘I thought we would lose (having lost before) but we worked well cooperatively to gain a victory’
Basketball Team (Year 7 Girls)
Savannah Floyd
Caitlin Mangel
Lisa Hedberg
Lucy Divers
Amelie Garwood
Mia Lee
Teniva Guinea
Alice Ypersiel
Clara Sweetman

In other news, James Gordon showed his excellent pedigree and commitment in the recent Pui O Championships.  He managed to get a podium finish and 3rd place in this highly competitive Cross Country running meet.
James Gordon ‘It was a good race, run at such a fast pace.  Very tough but great to place on the podium.  Very proud of my acheivement and ready to push on and challenge for 1st place next year’.
In amongst all of these sporting achievements we have also had time for some cultural and musical pursuits.  Most recently we were fortunate and delighted to have Emily Silkina play a piece by Chopin in our recent school assembly.  Emily performed with skill and precision delighting her peers with her rendition of the piece.  A few words from Emily about her performance follow below:
Emily Silkina:  
'I was very nervous, but once I started playing the nerves melted away.  I think that I played the piece well and it was good to see the audience so happy with my performance’. 

Building on the cultural theme, Year 7 have had the opportunity this week to learn from children’s author Blair Reeve.  This is part of our ongoing addition of enrichment opportunities across the school.  In addition, it forms part of our DBIS ‘Book Week’ celebrations which will culminate in our Book Week themed ‘Dress Up’ Day Thursday 2nd March.

That is all from this week’s update, we will be back soon with more exciting news from the world of Year 7.

Kind regards,
Mr Wills
Year Group Leader (Y7)

(Credit to Mr Ypersil for providing us with three of the photos below).

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