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What a week to be a DBIS learner!

With food fair, book week, sports day, rehearsals for the secondary show life has been very exciting at the secondary school.

In our faculty students continue to learn through enquiry units. This ownership of the learning experience has produced some outstanding work. Notably the Year 7 enquiry unit looking at poetry has developed the students writing ability. The year 7’s also had the privilege of attending an author talk with Blair Reeve. Equally the year 9’s are looking forward their poetry workshop on the 14th March with Renee Watson. Having these experts in is a great way to inspire students and help develop their skills.

Other events happening throughout book week are: The Radical Reading competition. Students will be awarded prizes for sending in a picture that shows them reading in unique and adventurous places. The much loved dress up day where students come to school dressed as their favourite book character. As well as in class story reading and the Around DB writing competition.

Here is some poetry that 7D presented in assembly:

Jasper Alexander’s poems

Turtle Haiku:

Alone on the beach
A shell it’s only neighbour
Slower than a sloth

Rhyming Couplets Poem:

The peaceful old sunset,
As quiet as it can get.
The water on your toes,
The smell of grass under your nose.
The sun glaring down on me,
I'm full of glee.
Orange, red and blue,
This sunset can't be true.
The flutter of leaves
Falling off of the trees.
A smile on my face,
Oh, what a place.
The bright colourful sky,
With birds flying by.
The reflection below me,
I feel so free.

Luca Ameresekere

Wolf Haiku:
It howls on the cliff 
Hunting in a deadly pack
North where snow scatters
Hana-Matilde Sullivan
Love Poem:

I love my Brother,
From his feet and toes,
His small freckled nose,
To his mop of tousled hair,
Like a feisty baby bear.

I love my Brother,
A tall boy of ten,
Aspiring to great men,
A pot load of attitude,
But very rarely rude.
I love my Brother,
For although we may fight,
I know our friendship will remain tight,
And through everything,
He still makes my heart sing.

I love my Brother.

Branson Innes

Dog Haiku:
Uncaged cries at night
Chase ball again and again
My bark sharp and fierce

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