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Secondary Science & Technology News

Secondary Science and Technology News

Secondary Science & Technology

The Design Technology classroom has been incredibly busy over the last few weeks with the Y11 GCSE students completing their final coursework products. This year we have seen a really interesting variety of products designed, including headphone organisers, portable work stations and desk light storage devices. The students are now putting the finishing touches to their products and portfolios ready for submission to the exam board.
Other year groups are embarking on new design projects in their DT lessons.  Year 7 are developing skills in CAD CAM and  laser cutting to design and make LED key rings.  Year 8 are busy refining their safety light designs and products; through this project they are learning about the plastic design and manufacturing industries around the world. Year 9 are looking at the design process and how they develop their ideas through their new project on headphone racks.   Year 10  focus is on 3D design and 3D printing.
In the run up to DBIS Green Week, students in Year 9 science lessons are investigating and researching  global problems caused by the oil industry. They are carrying out a number of individual enquiry projects into various environmental issues, which link into their current learning about earth resources and crude oil. They are looking at a range of human influences on the environment, from plastic microbeads in our oceans, to the effect of climate change on ecosystems around the world and the health concerns caused by the air pollution in Hong Kong.


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