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An Introduction to Inclusion in the Early Years.

Early Years Inclusion Department

An Introduction to Inclusion in the Early Years.

The Inclusion team, which consists of Gita Sherpa and Linda Roxborough, aims to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere in which Early Years children and parents feel supported and respected.

They support Nursery and Reception children with their social and academic learning and work hand in hand with their teachers and parents. Most of the activities are play-based and incorporate fun-games, role-play and stories to help the children achieve their developmental goals and the EYFS targets for learning.   The departments’ focus can be on either individuals or small groups of children and sessions take place inside or outside the classroom. 

Linda and Gita’s main aim is to support the children in settling in to school life and to help them develop the social and language skills necessary to cope with school routines and learning.  

If addition, if extra help is required, outside agencies such as Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists can be called in to work with specific needs to complement the work done in school.  

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