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Secondary Languages

Language Update


The Year 8 students have have been practising and performing their French play ‘Les Trois Petits Cochons’ (The Three Little Pigs). They have been studying the play through gestures and targeted language and in the process have learnt all about commands, adjectives, negatives, verbs, sentence structure and connectives in French. We had some very scary wolves, some talented pigs (who can play the guitar and sing!) and the narrators who introduced the characters and all the action.

All the Year 8 students were able to showcase their linguistic and theatrical abilities by performing their version of the play in French to the primary classes and to larger audiences in the globe. It is a wonderful accomplishment to have performed a play in public in a foreign language. There is no doubt that the students will remember their lines for a very long time!



The Year 9 students have been doing the topic of ‘School Life’. One group is in the process of their project ‘DBIS General Introduction’ and the other group is on their way of making ‘DBIS Facilities’.

Topics such as location, subject preference, after school activities and daily schedule are included. The use of conjunctions, Chinese idioms is being applied to their project. Some of the students have done some research on other education related idioms and used them successfully in their essays.




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