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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

Wow! The last two weeks in Year 5 have been exciting and SO much learning has happened, in a such a short space of time!

From Skyping with Colonel Charles Hobaugh, who is told us about his experiences as an astronaut for NASA, to our school trip to the Hong Kong History Museum, the Year 5 students have been busy!

Our wonderful Space Explorers enquiry unit came to a close last week, with the students exploring Sir Issac Newton's three laws of motion through their own scientific experiments and 'Eggstronaut' capsule re-entry to Earth activity.

The curiosity demonstrated and range of questions asked during this topic, by the students, has been extraordinary. All of the Year 5 teachers have been so impressed with the enthusiasm our students have shown and the depth of knowledge and understanding that they now obtain. It's been so interesting to discuss and debate with them about where they think space travel and exploration will go in the near future and how potentially their own careers and lives will be influenced by these advances in technology and human discovery. It would be so amazing to see some of our current Year 5 students one day go to space, or work for companies like Space X, Virgin Galactic or NASA. I guess we'll just have to watch this space... (pardon the pun).

To leave this topic behind, really is a shame, but we hope that we've left all students with a spark of curiosity and excitement about what the future holds for planet colonisation and life as we know it on our own planet: Earth.

The entry point to our new enquiry unit of 'Our Hong Kong' has also been fantastic. We had a 'whistle stop tour' of the Hong Kong History Museum on Wednesday of last week, where the students built upon what they already know about our host and home country: the SAR Hong Kong. History is the concept that will umbrella the entire unit and we felt it fitting to take the students to the museum, to see what evidence of change they could find, for themselves. 'Evidence' and 'change' happen to be two of our other concepts of focus, as is 'responsibility', which will link in nicely to Green Week that will happen in the last week of term.

Initially, our approach to this enquiry unit is to allow the students to focus on the changes that have happened in our immediate environment of Discovery Bay. We will then be looking at the wider impact of change, how the historical changes in Hong Kong and China have had an impact on our lives (both directly and indirectly) and what predictions of change they can make for the future.

We would love it if you (the parents) could perhaps come and share your experiences of how Hong Kong has changed and developed since you first moved here. If you feel that that's something you'd like to do, please get in touch with your child's class teacher.

To end, we'd like to congratulate all our students for their participation in last week's sports day. We know that a great day was had by all and it was so wonderful to see so many mums and dads there to support their children. And finally, we'd like to say a huge 'well done' to Erin from Y5KW for receiving this term's Big Award for Writing. All of the Year 5 teachers and the Year 6 student ambassadors were thoroughly impressed with her story and the superb progress she's made since October of this academic year.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Ashcroft and the Year 5 Team

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