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After a successful term 2 the Spanish Club are delighted to be able to offer the club details below for term 3.

Spanish Beginners' Course

DBIS offers Primary students the chance to learn Spanish from an early age.

Year level: students from Y3 to Y6
Levels: Beginners and Beginners A1
Term 3 : 8 one hour sessions

Learning Objectives

Beginners: Introduction to the Spanish language, social life and personal information, including the following topics: The alphabet, greetings, personal introduction, numbers, colours, the family, days of the week, school subject and professions. Book Units 1 to 3.

Beginners A1: Review on topics mentioned in Beginners level, feelings, likes and dislikes, The time, daily activities and food, school stationary and timetable. Book Units 3 to 5.

The Spanish Club will be on all year round. The book and workbook purchased by the students will be used from term 2 to term 4.

Time: Tuesdays from 3:30 pm  to 4:30 pm
Cost: 200 HKD per hour (materials not included)
Starting date: Tuesday, April 18 2017
Registration opens from 30 March to 18 April or until the course is full.
Minimum 3 students per class. Maximum 20 students will be accepted.
Please pay HKD 1,600 by cheque ( made out to Discovery Bay International School) at the main School Office by 18 April 2017.

To sign up, please click HERE.

Below a few pictures from our Spanish Club's sessions.

Thank you,

Kind Regards,

Laura and Mónica

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