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What's Been Happening in Year 2

Primary Year 2

In the lead up to the Easter, our Year 2 students have had a very busy couple of weeks.

In writing lessons we have been learning how to write a super, successful narrative. We have used an existing story to support our story writing. First, we created a ‘Narrative Toolkit’ and thought carefully about all of the things an exciting story must include, for example a super setting sentence, adjectives, adverbs and varied punctuation. Then we changed the characters and created our own build up, problem, resolution and ending.  

In mathematics lessons we have been working on division strategies. We have introduced different strategies that the children can use for example, sharing, grouping, subtracting along a number line and halving. 

Green week was a huge success and Year 2 children listened to guest speakers, joined the walking bus and enjoyed ‘Green Day’ rotations at school.

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