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ISSFHK Results

Our amazing Year 7 boys and girls have been flying the flag for the school with a superb performance in the recent ISSFHK Championships.  The Under 12s put in a performance that belies the small size of the school.  Our team managed to win the under 12 Boys competition and place 3rd in the under 12 Girls competition.  This HK wide competition had representation from 23 different schools with many teams sending huge squads.  Such a high placing against the odds is again evidence of the great sporting foundation the students gain through the PE curriculum and diverse ECA programme.


Standout performances were seen from:

  • Jaik Patidar
  • Clara Sweetman
  • Savannah Floyd
  • Remi Karlin
  • James Gordon


Art Update – Aborigine Project

The Year 7 have recently completed a project developing their own interpretations of  Aboriginal Art.  The year group created some excellent pieces as you can see below.  The students have developed massively since moving into the Secondary section. Their skills have been increasing along with their increased exposure to many art types and techniques.  Furthermore, the focus on Aboriginal Art has exposed many of our Year 7 to the unique culture of Aboriginal Society and helped to serve as a window into another culture’s world. This has therefore helped to deliver on our commitment to expanding International Mindedness and Awareness at DBIS.





Night at the Proms

The music department, school choirs, bands and orchestra have been working hard preparing for the ‘Night at the Proms’.  DBIS has again shown its commitment to the local community with another performance up at the North Plaza.  Many Year 7 students have shown amazing determination, drive and perseverance through their work for this great musical event.  The members of Year 7 that deserve mention are as follows:


Spencer Tsang

Remi Karlin

Sofia Leach

Vega Nagel

Anthony Verweij

Lucy Divers

Aoife McCarron

Ellie Lambert

Mackenzie Winterling

Alessandra Giovanetti-Ridaura

Hana-Matilde Sullivan


Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Update

The school production is approaching completion, the Year 7 members of the cast and crew have been working exceptionally hard rehearsing and preparing the set for what is sure to be another amazing school production.  The tickets for this amazing event are on sale now and selling fast.  The Year 7 performers and crew are eagerly looking forward to showing off their hard work to audiences in the new term.


Students performing outside of school – Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation

Next term will see another one of our budding musical talents Reese Acorn perform in the Melodia Theatrical Experience at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong.  Reese will be part of the singing ensemble for this HK Jockey Club sponsored event.  She will join an international and local cast for what is sure to be a superb show.  It speaks volumes of both the talent at the school and the creative arts programme that nurtures and supports the students.


Humanities Sustainability Competition Winners

Earlier this term Year 7 had been learning about Sustainability.  The students were given a ‘real world’ project to develop plans to make DBIS more sustainable.  Our students researched and developed ideas for this project.  They then created a pitch to members of the School’s Senior Leadership Team including Mr Tough.  All students performed admirably with the finalists raising the bar and showing a high level of innovation and creativity.  The winning team of Hana-Matilde Sullivan, Declan Guinea, Emma Meyers and Sam Fernley showed excellent communication and critical thinking skills to take home 1st place for the competition part of the project.  There were many notable entries with pitches involving ‘mindcraft’, drone footage and animations.  The standard was exceptionally high.

Until next time, we wish a wonderful Easter break!

Mr Wills
Head of Year 7


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