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Primary Creative Arts Mornings

Primary Creative Arts

The Primary Creative Arts Mornings, held each Monday for different year groups, have gone from strength to strength this term.

We have been lucky enough to welcome our resident artist, Eleanor McColl to the team, and her work in the visual arts department has proved extremely inspirational for the children. Cristyn Draper continues to promote Drama within the curriculum, and the Music section is taken by Mr. Kilpatrick. Last term’s topics included Surrealism, Advertising and Night and Day, and it was incredible to see the connection and collaboration between the art forms. The children have responded creatively and confidently to the activities, and will hopefully continue to flourish and develop in the Arts.

Next term’s Creative Arts Mornings timetable is as follows:

Year 1 – Show Preparation

Year 5 – The Four Seasons

Y3 – Colour and Emotion

Year 2 – Water

Year 6 – Our Time to Shine

Y4 – Collaborative Art Project (Creative Arts Week)

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