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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

Year 5 had a wonderful week of learning and experiences before the bank holiday weekend. 

On the Wednesday, we were invited to watch the Secondary dress rehearsal of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe which was absolutely fantastic! Not only did the children love watching the performance, but also they got a Q&A session with the Secondary drama teachers and the cast at the end of the rehearsal. This was a special opportunity for the children to not only be entertained, but also inspired by the older members of our school for when they get the chance to join in with a Secondary show, in a few years time.
Throughout the whole day on Friday, our entire year group were given SEEDS training in the gym. SEEDS training is based around the theory that 'if you ask great leaders what skills they use every day they talk about emotional capacity, working in teams, and solving complex problems. Yet, most of these skills are not being taught in classrooms.

So where do students get these skills? SEEDS youth training programs bridge that gap, helping students to build life skills, leadership skills, and learning skills that last them a lifetime. They build proactive learners and responsible leaders because success demands more than just good test scores. As students spend more class time focusing on content, universities and employers often find that young people lack the skills necessary to achieve real world success. When change is constant, learning is the ultimate skill – and learning should be fun! Successful students become lifelong learners, with the curiosity and the skills to take responsibility of their own learning. They equip students to take command of their own learning by helping them to identify and leverage their own unique learning style.'

The main message we took from the training is: don't be afraid of 'fimage'! 'When you start worrying about looking silly, you become silly' and 'Practice makes Progress!' The children absolutely loved it and if you haven't already, please spend some time talking to your children about what they learnt last Friday.
Five of our Year 5 students: Conner, Mei-li, Nate, Anna H and Ella are currently at Glenealy School competing in the Hong Kong Battle of the Books semi-final competition! Wish them and their Year 6 Team members luck! 

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