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Secondary Maths & Computer Science News

Secondary Mathematics and Computer Science

An Update from the Mathematics & Computing Faculty

Professor Peter Sullivan Returns to DBIS (Years 8 & 9)

DBIS are delighted to welcome back Professor Peter Sullivan from Monash University, Melbourne during term three. Professor Sullivan is renowned for his work in the area of Problem Solving within Mathematics and will be working closely with a selection of students from years 8 and 9. Both year groups will work on the topic of coordinate geometry. Dialogue with Professor Sullivan will be used to inform planning for both key stages 3 and 4. Professor Sullivan will spend May 16th and 17th working with the Mathematics & Computing Faculty.

GCSE Computer Science Controlled Assessment

Year 11 students have now completed their controlled assessment section of their GCSE in Computer Science. All thirteen students have undertaken their 15-hour assessment under controlled conditions with the aim of testing their problem solving and computational thinking skills. During this assessment students have designed, created, tested and evaluated their computational solutions to a problem set by the Edexcel examination board. The controlled assessment constitutes 25% of the final Computer Science GCSE and I would like to wish our students well with their upcoming Computer Science theory examination.

IGCSE/GCSE Mathematics Examinations

It’s that time of year again when our mathematicians start taking their final examinations. The Cambridge course consists of three papers whereas the Edexcel course consists of two. Our Cambridge students have already completed two of these papers with the final paper taking place on May 12th. Edexcel students will have a little more preparation time as their examinations will commence on May 25th. I would like to take this opportunity to wish our Mathematicians the very best for all IGCSE/GCSE examinations. 

David LaCumber
Mathematics & Computing Faculty Leader


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