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What's Been Happening in Year 4

Primary Year 4

Another busy week in Year 4. 

This week we have been immersing ourselves in art for our Visual Representation unit. What a fabulous topic, with lots to inspire the students from Picasso to Van Gogh, Yongyu to Lichtenstein. We have been reading about the histories and experiences of different artists, the types of art forms they create and the elements of art that they focus on. We are encouraging the children to think about what appeals to them and what doesn't, and to accept and appreciate that we may disagree. After all art is subjective and there is no right or wrong in our response. 

In writing the students are thinking about stories set in imaginary worlds and how authors ‘paint a picture’ with their words. The students are using Journey, a powerful picture book without words, as a prompt to write their own strong setting descriptions using their senses to prompt strong descriptive language and vocabulary.

The students have also been working together to create some artworks in the style of Paul Klee, developing and extending their collaborative skills. These tasks promote teamwork, strengthen communication skills and help students to develop strategies for dealing with disagreements in a calm manner. They have been discussing what Klee was trying to express in his work and and considering if our interpretation of the world is similar and if so how. They have also had a lot of fun making the artworks!

In maths the students been focusing on time and money problems. The teachers have also used the students’ interest in abstract artists as an opportunity to recap shape: thinking about the way Kandinsky uses two and three dimensional shapes, lines and angles to build his work. The students had a go at creating their own incorporating set criteria including equilateral and isosceles triangles, parallel and perpendicular lines, obtuse and acute angles and a range of polygons. It is important for students to understand that maths is everywhere!

Thank you for your continued support. 

The Year 4 Team

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