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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

This newsletter comes live from Pui O, Treasure Island and Year 5 camp.  

Yesterday was spent setting up our tents, getting familiar with the camp site and exploring the wetlands.  We met our group leaders and have had a great time working on survivor skills. Some of us enjoyed a BBQ dinner last night cooked on the BBQ pits whilst others had an Italian feast.  Twilight activities followed our meal time which were a lot of fun and most of us managed a restful night before getting up for another day of fun and activities.

Today we have lots of team building activities to look forward to including building a raft that will hopefully float on the water! The low ropes course might be a challenge for some however hiking the contour of Mong Tong Wan will be a breeze after we have learned some navigation skills to help us.  Please keep an eye on what we have been doing through Twitter: @dbis_y5

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