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What's been happening in Year 6

Primary Year 6

What a fantastic few weeks we have had in Year 6!

The undisputed highlight of the year was when we visited Yangshuo, Guilin, for our eagerly anticipated Year 6 camp! We participated in an amazing variety of activities, including rock-climbing, farming, Chinese cooking classes, bamboo rafting, visiting a limestone cave, practicing our Mandarin in a Primary School and bartering for bargains in the market!

It was so much fun spending time with our friends, whilst immersing ourselves in the local culture and absorbing the stunning surroundings. The week flew by and before we knew it, it was time to return to Hong Kong.



Hanging out at the top of Moon Hill after quite a tiring climb



The sun came out and we enjoyed the scenic views on a cruise down the River Li.


Hanging out as a team at the hotel before an evening’s entertainment.


We would also like to recognise Aisling McCarron, from Y6LB, who travelled to Ireland during the Easter holidays to compete in the Irish Dancing World Championships. What a fantastic achievement and yet another example of why we are so proud of our students.

Aisling, with her group, about to perform on stage.


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