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Year 8 Newsletter

Secondary Year 8

With the school’s holistic view to learning the Year 8s have been studying a variety of different topics in a variety of different ways.

In Mathematics they have been working in groups applying what they have learnt in the geometry unit to real life situations around the campus. From working out how many lockers would fit into the canteen to the height of trees only using a trundle wheels and clinometers. A big well done to Ella and Elizabeth for a beautifully displayed piece of work and Charlotte, Parker, Ashley and Lucy for attempting the more challenging questions.

In Music they have just completed a music unit based on performing on the keyboard. Students have learnt how to construct chords, adjusting from major to minor and forming extended chords. Using their knowledge they have performed a variety of chord sequences as well as participated in class performances of well known popular songs such as 'Shake It Off', 'Can’t Stop The Feeling' and 'Uptown Funk'.

The students have really enjoyed the hands on approach to learning this unit, being active through performance making throughout each lesson, they have also enjoyed singing along to some of their favourite tracks as well as learning how to read chord charts to learn their favourite songs which are in the charts. For the remainder of the term students will be learning some basic rhythmic pattern on the drum kit.

A group of 19 Secondary students will be attending the FOBISIA Intermediate Music Festival this weekend hosted by British International School Kuala Lumpur. The students will be working in jazz, orchestra or choir ensembles led by professional conductors.  The students from Year 8 representing DBIS are: Lucy Divers, Ella Richardson, Jessica Hudgins, Hana-Matilde Sullivan and Yashita Yogesh.

I would also like to wish Parker good luck in her upcoming ballet exam.

Kind regards

Adam Reid
Mathematics Teacher and Year Group Leader.
Discovery Bay International School.

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