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It’s that time of year again where our Year 11 students are busy preparing for and sitting their final examinations.

All the Design Technology coursework has been completed and sent to Cambridge for final moderation. The students will sit their Design technology final examination, which counts for 50% of their final grade, on June 7th. All scientists are in the middle of their final exams, having already taken their first papers for both Cambridge and Edexcel. 
Y10 are beginning their preparations for their first set of Mock GCSE examinations, which are due to begin in two weeks. This will give our year 10 students a chance to reflect on their progress and achievement over the first half of the year, and set themselves targets to work on moving forward. Y10 Design Technology students are also at the beginning stages of their important Y11 final coursework.
Y9 students have begun their Science IGCSE course, and will be learning the introductory topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics before the end of this year. In Design Technology they are currently working on electronic design projects, learning to design and build electronic circuits and soldering skills.  
A variety of projects and topics are going on across Years 7 and 8.  Including Waves and Space in Science and 3D design and 3D printing in Design Technology. Year 7s are currently designing and making classic wooden spinners.
We wish all of our Y11 and Y10 students all the best in their current exams! 


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