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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

The past two weeks in year 5 has been chock-a-block with post-camp activities, celebrating fond memories from, undoubtedly, the highlight event of the year, so far.

We have been reflecting upon our experiences of camp through our spellings programme (the virtues that we demonstrated whilst away at Pui O) and also whilst researching poetry within English. We have reviewed our encounters at camp to gather sounds (i.e. the relentless chorus-like croaking of the frogs) for writing our own poems based on the well known poemThe Sound Collector, by Roger McGough.

We have also been reflecting on the importance of the environmental responsibilities that we had whilst away on camp and what ideas we can bring back with us to positively impact our own lives and the surrounding community. In conjunction with our friends at Plastic Free Seas, our IPC topic lessons led nicely into a Beach clean-up which was a revelation for all as we saw, first hand, the shocking impact of plastic waste washed up onto our shores. Having collected and washed a large amount of bottles, straws and bottle tops, we now hope to create an art installation based on how our findings at the North plaza beach made us feel.

The children took away a huge amount of value from the beach clean-up afternoon, most noticeably because of the first hand nature of the activity; highlighting how our actions can harm and destroy our fragile environment. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Plastic Free Seas at the upcoming cleanup on Saturday June 3rd at Nim Shue Wan, from 9-11am.

Our last four weeks will be focussed on wrapping up our Our Hong Kong topic, leading into our Art Exhibition and our final topic called Full Power. We also look forward to starting our summer term swimming lessons in PE, so please remember your child's full kit for that, as well as your child's library books by the end of the week.

Kind regards

The Year 5 team.

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