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A week in the life of DBIS

Head of School

This week’s torrential rain was certainly a challenge for all concerned.

Thankfully, our staff was able to ensure that teaching and learning continued with little disruption across all three campuses. The children were incredibly stoic and coped admirably with the need to restrict activities to classrooms. Hopefully, the weekend ahead will prove to be a sunnier experience for all. 
In the midst of the inclement weather, we were able to announce our new Head Student team for the next school year. I’m very pleased that student leadership opportunities have developed significantly this year in all three phase of the school. I’ve also been tremendously impressed by all the students who have assumed leadership roles and made a positive difference to the school. All of the students who volunteered for the Head Students team and in particular those who have now been appointed are worthy of high praise. I know you will want to join me in congratulating our new Head Girl and Head Boy, Ailie Ikeda and Steven Keating, and DBIS’s Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy, Evie McClelland and Christopher Watanabe. I’m confident that our new Head Students will represent the school with distinction and will have a real impact on the school community.
Best wishes for the weekend ahead. 
Paul Tough
Head of School


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