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Year 7 Newsletter

Secondary Year 7

Year 7 Newsletter Update (May)


It has been an active few weeks in the world of Year 7 with many examples of individual and group achievement.  We have seen successes in academics, cultural pursuits and of course sports.

Ice Hockey Update

Nolan Winchester represented the Hong Kong Selects Ice Team at the end of April at the Mega Ice (MI5) Tournament.  Captaining the team he was voted MVP by the tournament organisers and helped lead his team to the finals where they narrowly lost 3-2 to the North Star Select team.  This tournament was an invitational event for the best Ice Hockey teams in asia with representation from teams in Hong Kong Beijing and Shanghai.  Nolan has again shown his commitment to the game and respresented the school well in the wider sporting community.


Music Fobisea

Our extremeley talented musicians went to the Music FOBISEA at the British International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The students had an amazing time and all benefited greatly from the experience.  They have all enhanced their understanding and appreciation of music whilst gaining the opportunity to meet with students from across the region.


Here are some words and reflections from some of our students:

“Music Fobisea is a great experience for all of us who went there.  Some of the pieces the Orchestra played were ‘The One Bow Concerto’, ‘The Pink Panther’, a ‘Malaysian Folk Tune’ and ‘The Highlights of Harry Potter’.  I loved the opportunity to perform some solo pieces and played on ‘The Pink Panther’ and ‘The One Bow Concerto’.  Everyone that attended would agree that we would treasure this moment forever”

Anthony Verweij


“Fobisia Music has been an amazing new platform to develop our musical skills and bonds with different schools and peers. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for next year!”

Hana-Matilde Sullivan

“Secondary music FOBISIA was different and harder than primary FOBISIA in many ways. One reason for the step up relates to the amount and length of practise times compared to break times.  Another reason was the choice of the songs.  The selection was much more diverse and complex. Out of seven songs, only two were in English {Circles of Motion, In The Name of Music}. On a funny note, we also learnt another word which means a selfie with more than one person in (a wefie). We aren't sure if it is a real word though! Overall, it was a brilliant experience and I didn't want it to end!”

Aoife McCarron

“Overall, Music FOBISIA was an amazing experience.  This was my third year, and our 7 songs were diverse and interesting to learn, as most were in different languages, and from all over the world”.

Reese Acorn

“The intermediate Music fobisia in The British school in Kuala Lumpur was a very fun experience. We played a concert on the last day with the choir and jazz band, it was great. We enjoyed the three days of tiring rehearsals but extremely worthwile rehearsals”.

Remi Karlin


Philharmonic Orchestra Trip

Some of our Year 7 students had the opportunity to attend a enrichment trip to see a Philharmonic Orchestra in Hong Kong.  This was a superb opportunity to experience music played at the highest level and also for our Year 7s to mix with the younger year group and thus aid their transition.  The experience is yet another example of the school’s continuing commitment to enrichment and the development of a culture of excellence in the creative arts.  It was a true inspiration to the students involved.

Here are some words from one of the year 7 boys who attended the event:

“On Thursday the 18th on May, I went to see a philharmonic orchestra perform with one of our Primary Teachers (Mrs Draper). It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again if I had another opportunity to do so.  There we multiple Y6's and a couple Y7's, and everyone came away with a smile on their face”.
Jasper Alexander


Dramatic Pursuits:

Some of our talented thespians will be treading the boards again in an upcoming dramatic production of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ at the HK Arts Centre.  Here are some updates from the cast about this exciting new event:

“Don't stop Believin' is the story of a group of children fighting to be resilient in face of challenges and adversity. It is a great lesson for all youngsters and adults of this day and age.  It has been a pleasure to be part of the show and the creative process”.

Hana-Matilde Sullivan

“Don't Stop Believin'! is an inspiring story about a group of teenagers fighting for what they believe in.  Being involved in this show has truly taught me the meaning of hard work and dedication”.

Reese Acorn




Boys Football Update:

Our Under 12 Boys Football teams are going from strength to strength.  They have shown excellent commitment, skill and team work to win all of their fixtures so far this season.  They are on course for a clean sweep.  Here are some updates from the team members:

“It has been pretty good season so far, we are doing better than we did last year.  We have been playing really well, there are new players who have been extremely impressive and successful”  Mateo Kennish

“I play for the second team, it is a mixed Y7 and Y6 team.  Even though we have an age mix, the bonds we have created have been excellent and helped to lead to some brilliant performances.  We have been communicating very well and this has been a huge part of our success.  Even after conceding early goals we have shown resilience to come from behind and take victory”  Ben Bechgaard-Lisse

“The season is going really well.  We have bonded extremely effectively.  In addition, we have become more than just team mates, we have become friends.  It has been an excellent experience”  Jasper Alexander

“We have been undefeated all season.  Though we have some challenges ahead with Kellet School still to play.  Despite the challenges I truly believe we will finish the season undefeated due to the hardwork of the team and strength of character developed over the season”.  Jacob Borrelli

We hope you can come down and support the team as they push for an unbeaten season.  The ‘invincibles’ tag awaits!


Girls Football

Our girls football teams are moving forward.  After a shaky start they have been making fine progress and turning into a solid team with signs of a bright future.

“We lost our first game and drew game two.  Despite this tough start we are really positive about the remainder of the season.  We have a few more games to go but are training really hard and staying committed”  Savannah Floyd

“ Training has been fun.  It is more intense and harder than last year.  We have been doing set drills and game sense training, it has helped our tactical awareness”  Hana-Matilde Sullivan


HK Football Sevens:

Out side of school our students have shown their commitment to sport beyond the school representative honours.  We have a hugely talented group of boys and girls who are performing at the highest levels within Hong Kong.  Here are some updates from them:

“It was a really good experience to play at such a high level of football.  I also felt it was good for my team, we got to the semi-final and only narrowly lost on penalties to Arsenal Academy HK.  I enjoyed representing DB Dragons”  Mateo Kennish.

“It was a challenging tournament as a lot of different teams came along and the standard was extremely high.  We played well but there was room for improvement.  It was an interesting experience as the conditions were different to what we usually play in during the league season”.  Luca Ameresekere

“My team and I travelled to HKFC to compete in the soccer sevens. Starting at 7:30am was tough but it payed off as we won the whole tournament in the end. There were 12 teams playing at this event and we were split into an A and a B group.  My team, the ESF lions played in the A group. We were up against tough teams like Chelsea and Tai Tam, however, we beat both of them.  My team won against Tai Tam through penalties in the cup finals.  It was a great experience!”  Caitlin Mangel


Education Perfect

Finally our school has been taking part in the world wide ‘Education Perfect’ languages tournament.  Our students and staff have been working to improve their existing language skills and also to learn new languages.  The students and staff have shown excellent commitment and drive to push their learning forward.  A few notable individuals have come to the fore:

Gold Award Winners for Education Perfect – Language:

  • Savannah Floyd
  • Jasmine Hughes
  • Hannah Wilson

In addition, Remi Karlin, Jasper Alexander and Ben Bechgaard-Lisse have been learning Tongan and Samoan for fun.  Another notable mention is Julian Pesce who has been doing French, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian and German.  It has been an amazing experience for all.

This is our Year 7 update for May.  We will be back again soon with more tales and stories from the year group.


Mr Wills and the Year 7 Team




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