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What's Been Happening in Year 3

Primary Year 3

It’s been a very exciting time in Year 3 as we have been fully engaged with our very exciting Active Planet unit of enquiry.

We have been connecting further to our concept of Process by making Play Doh and using it to make a Stop Start animation about a landform or active planet event. We added voice overs to our stop start animation to explain the process of how the event (earthquake, continental shift, mountains and so on) happened or formed. The voice overs also explained the impact they have on the earth and how people have to adapt to such an event. The students loved creating them and did an amazing job of collaborating and self managing their work. Art was also a focus last week with work on observational drawing, printing and marbling all through the concepts of process and impact. We were very excited about seeing our selection from the year's worth of artwork for at last week's exhibition.
We’ve also spent time learning about report writing and interview techniques used to gather information from eye-witnesses. We then used this information to write a report on a fictional national disaster - a volcano on Hong Kong Island?! This has tied the end of our Enquiry unit together nicely as we have reflected upon the learning that has taken place across the curriculum in Science, Art and Geography particularly.
Finally, we have also loved meeting our new classmates and teachers during Transition Morning; making many new friends and finding out a little more about what Year 4 will be like.

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