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Secondary Humanities and English Faculty News

And just like that it is the end of the school year!
A bittersweet ending as we say goodbye to teachers and students but look forward to what the new year brings.
The English and Humanities teachers have been busy preparing for the launch of A-level. As a faculty we will be offering: Literature, History, Geography, Travel & Tourism, Media Studies and Psychology. What an exciting year it will be.
As school comes to a close the key stage three learners have been sharing the work they have done. Some highlights: 
“My favourite project was Muldovia debates and projects” Max Hughes
“I loved being able to write an alternative ending for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” Toby Surplice
“I like drawing the monster from Frankenstein” Amber Wilkeson
Please enjoy the Y7 story book. This was the outcome of a unit looking at the concept of resilience. 

Safe travels and happy holidays!



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