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What's Been Happening in Year 1

Primary Year 1

We arrived on Wednesday to begin our first day of Primary school at DBIS. And what a day we all had! 

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting our new teachers  and educational assistants, and sharing our holiday stories with our friends. 

During the first three days of school we got to know our new class peers, teachers and familiarise ourselves with our new Year 1 classroom. We experienced a school tour and assembly for the first time on Friday. We loved humming to the DBIS school song!

Over the course of the next fortnight the we will begin our first Enquiry unit ‘Learning to Learn’. Throughout the course of this we will understand the connection between growth mindset, attitude and learning, learning is a process, and they will understand how people learn. 

A major highlight for us this week has been starting swimming and our teachers were really impressed with how well we were able to get ready! 

We can’t wait to see what else the term will bring us! 


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