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Dear Parents/Guardians,
I would like to take this chance to welcome you all back to a new school year, one that holds a great deal of potential for all members of the community. I would also like to particularly welcome all new families to the Secondary School and I hope that both you and your child enjoy your time with the DBIS community.

This year marks an exciting evolution in the history of DBIS as we welcome students in Year 12 for the first time. Students will now have the chance to complete their education journey with us and I know both staff and students are excited about the new pathways. Our Year 12 students have taken part in a two-day induction that has looked at holistic wellbeing and the skills needed for academic success in A Level courses.

Our focus in Secondary is on our school aim of ‘promoting a culture of excellence in teaching and learning’. As a staff group we have discussed and planned for ways to challenge students of all levels to exceed their own expectations. This will see students presented with a variety of differentiated tasks that will push them in their learning. In the first assembly I asked the students to consider the meaning of excellence and how they wished to define themselves as learners and people during the year. I would encourage you to continue this conversation at homes as a way of further reinforcing this message. 

As communicated towards the end of last year, we are launching the DBIS Diploma with all students in Years 7-9. The Diploma is a means to formalise all elements of learning both in and out of the class. Students will be creating a website to evidence their progress towards the Diploma and the link for the site will be shared with you so that you also have a chance to see your child’s learning develop. Further information will be shared with you once the Diploma has had its launch session with students.

As we begin the year I ask for your support in instilling a greater sense of responsibility amongst our student body. Given the proximity of the school to many homes, we find that when students forget items they are quick to call and get them dropped off at school. My preference is that when items are forgotten (snacks and lunch are of course a different case) students accept responsibility for their actions and through this will develop greater resilience and organization skills. Should you have any concerns relating to this, I am happy to discuss it further with you.

Given the growth of the Secondary School and the natural staff turnover, we have welcomed 11 new teachers into the phase. As a result there have been some changes to the tutors for the various groups. I have attached a list of tutors for your reference HERE. I am excited by both the experience and enthusiasm that our new staff offer and I am sure they will all have a positive impact on teaching and learning.

Over the coming weeks we have a number of parent information sessions. On each occasion I will post the notes to the Parent Portal so that if you are unable to attend you will still have access to the key information.
I would like to remind you all that I encourage open communication between school and home. I welcome you to come in and discuss any matters so that we can be proactive in improving the school.

I hope you and your children have a great school year,
Mike Waller
Head of Secondary



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