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Secondary English and Humanities

Secondary English & Humanities
Welcome back to another exciting year with the English and Humanities department!
I would like to start off by welcoming 5 new members of staff to our team, who bring with them a wealth of knowledge from around the world:
- Miss Sarah Best has joined us from Ho Chi Minh and will be teaching A level Pyschology as well as Geography and Humanities.
- Miss Emma Cerrone has joined from the UK and will be teaching A level Media as well as English and Humanities. 
- Mr Matthew Clarke will be teaching Business Studies and Humanities having previously taught at West Island School. 
- Ms Amy Lee has now joined us full time in the English department having previously been our cover supervisor and worked at West Island.
- Mr Alain Sama will also be joining the English department and has come from the Lutheran Academy in Hong Kong. 
This half term promises to be full of challenging and exciting topics, engaging students in a variety of projects. See below for an overview of this half terms Key Stage 3 work:
Year 7 will be focusing on autobiographies in English and developing their historical and geographical skills in Humanities trying to solve ‘history mysteries’.  
Year 8 are focusing on identity, culture and values across both subjects reading the novel ‘Face’ in English and studying changes in Global Population in Humanities.  
Year 9 are studying ‘Change and Continuity’ focusing on the topic ‘Risk’ in Geography, 20th and 21st century conflict in History, while reading Lord of the Flies in English.
Our Year 10, 11 and 12 students are also full swing into their GCSE and A level studies covering a variety of subjects including English, History, Geography, Travel and Tourism, Pyschology, Business Studies and Media.
Speaking to our students about their return to classes, this is what one of our new year 7 students, Claire-Elise Fritsch had to say:
“Since we have been back in Secondary, we have started a lesson that we didn’t study in Primary: Humanities. So far in Humanities, we have been learning about PEE skills. PEE stands for P= Point, E= Evidence, E= Explanation. Some of us have traced back to our ancestors and created family trees or created a timeline of important moments of our life. 
In English, we have been studying contracts and most recently, characteristics of autobiographies. For example, in one of our lessons, our teacher, Ms. Cerrone, read out an extract from an autobiography by Roald Dahl, titled ‘Boy’ and we discussed his writing techniques”.
Alexandra Vogiadjis – a year 10 student leader, spoke about her first week back in English and History: 
“This first week back has been amazing so far, because after a long summers break, I feels like it's time to be working again! Over the past few months, the school has really developed. For example, our pool now has heating, which allows us to practise all year long, the library has expanded and there is a much wider range of books, and we have received so many new and extremely talented teachers. Especially since we are starting our GCSE's this year, it is good to be able to work with new people, and learn through new, innovative techniques. 
This week in History, we have began to look at the USA, including aspects such as rights for African-Americans, women, young-adults and the 'Red Scare' (communism). We have been individually assigned to research these parts of American history, and have discussed, as a class, our findings. By doing so, we are supporting each other and learning as a group, expanding our knowledge together. 
The next topics we will be covering in preparation for our GCSE's are Germany, Russia, and China. 
In English language, we have learnt about the importance of annotation, and how to do so. Our first piece we have looked at was called 'The Danger of A Single Story' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It is about how we can easily believe the first things we hear in the media, and how if you continuously just hear that single story, it becomes your perception of the truth. 
In English literature, we have analysed a poem called 'In Mrs.Tishlers Class'. This poem talks about the importance of having a safe and happy environment to learn in, so our task was to go around the primary school and take photos of things that reminded us of our youth. With that, we must create an iMovie to showcase our photos. With all these new facilities and people to support us, I have faith that all the current Year 10's will have a great year!”. 
The year ahead looks to be full of new thrills and challenges for both students and teachers alike!
With the best of luck to everyone,
Rachel Murphy
Head of English and Humanities

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