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What's Been Happening in Year 2

Primary Year 2

We have had a very exciting week in Year Two.

We were lucky enough to be visited by photographer Tim Draper who ran a fantastic workshop, we then explored the playground looking for patterns, reflections and shapes. This has made us all very excited about the Green Photography Competition!

In our Maths we have been learning more about place value and thinking about the value of each digit in a 2 digit number. Our lessons have been very hands on and have given us the chance to discuss our answers as a class as well.

In our English work we have been story mapping our instructions for growing a sunflower. We then followed these instructions and planted our own sunflowers. This was incredibly exciting and we have planned how we will best look after our sunflowers as they grow!

In our IPC we are beginning to finish off our Learning to Learn topic and reflecting back on how a growth mindset can affect our day to day learning.

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