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What's been happening in Year 6

Primary Year 6

Since the start of term Y6 have been 'Learning to learn’: finding out about the brain, how it works and reflecting on how they learn best.

Defining and describing a growth mind-set has also been a key part of this time, understanding that if we are open to new ideas and believe we can improve we are far more likely to get better and achieve our goals.

This week Y6 are starting their Enquiry unit on migration starting with some research of their own to investigate what migration means and find some examples either from current affairs or the past. As there is a lot of coverage of this topic in the news, it would be great for parents to be discussing these events with their children, particularly why people are moving, what is helping or hindering their journey and how they are received once they have arrived or settled. In particular this can be an interesting time to share your own family journeys as many families have either moved themselves or have close relatives that have moved around the world.

We have also been creating some beautiful self-portraits using pastel blending techniques, producing fantastic works of art. What a creative bunch we have in Y6!

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