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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

This week we are celebrating Roald Dahl’s 101st birthday with lots of Roald Dahl themed learning going on in Year 5.

The children loved dressing up as characters from the famous author’s books and were a fabulous audience for Year 6’s performance of The Three Little Pigs as part of their creative arts morning. Maths lessons involved problems relating to snozzcumbers and scrumdiddlyumptious bars and the children have enjoyed book looks and finding out their Roald Dahl name.

Each class has been holding their Student Council elections. The speeches have been well prepared and the children have spoken earnestly about their qualities and plans they have for the school if they are elected. Two children from each class have been selected to go through to the Year 5 elections this Thursday. We wish all candidates the best of luck. 

We have also made a fabulous start to our topic, ‘Our Hong Kong.’ The children have been making links to the concept of Freedom through their research of the history of Hong Kong as well as through guided reading and class novels. We are excited about our trip to the History museum next Wednesday which will be a huge source of information for the children. Thank you to those parents who are able to help on the day. Please read below one of Y5LT’s students poems titled ‘Freedom.’

Freedom is my friend who comes and goes
Freedom is a good friend I know
Freedom has always been on my side
But sometimes he is in the clouds up high

I wish he was here to stay
I don’t know why he goes away.
I asked him today and this is what he said,
“For important reasons,” then he fled.

Next day I stopped him from going.
I said, “Why, oh why do you go?”
He said, “Fine, oh fine, I’ll tell you…
Freedom isn't here to stay, 
It’s only here when you’re happy and free
Not when you’re broken and gloomy.”

Then he went and I said goodbye.

By Harry Hodgson

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