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What's Been Happening in Year 1

Primary Year 1

We can not believe it is nearly half term.

We have been working very hard in Year 1 and have learnt so much. We are continuing to remember that it is OK to make mistakes and that we learn from the mistakes we make. We have also met up with our buddy classes again and are having a great time getting to know our new friends. 

In writing this week, we have been learning all about instructions. We have read some different types of instructions and have also been finding out where we might find different instructions e.g. recipes, games, how to guides etc. We have discovered what Time Conjunctions are and how to use them in our writing. We have also been learning about Bossy Verbs and Little Miss Bossy has been helping us to use the correct bossy words. We are looking forward to having a go at writing our own instructions in the coming weeks. 

We have continued to enjoy sharing books in the classroom and at home and can’t wait to share more books with you over the next few weeks. Our Roald Dahl Day saw us become a whole range of different characters and we all enjoyed dressing up and finding out about Roald Dahl’s life and successes. 

Maths this week has seen us practicing counting in 2’s as well as finding number bonds to 10. We have been exploring our outside areas to try and find items to make number bonds and have been having great fun doing this. We have been doing lots of problem solving activities which are helping us all to become more independent in our learning. 

Our, ‘Our World’ enquiry topic has begun to prompt some great questioning and discussions among us all. We have been looking closely at our local community, in particular, the different types of buildings and amenities we have here in Discovery Bay. We are all really looking forward to our trip next week and want to thank all the kind volunteers who have offered their time in order to make this trip a success. 

We will continue to work hard and are all very excited about Sustainability week next week. We look forward to sharing our new learning with you all. 


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