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What's Been Happening in Year 2

Primary Year 2

Year 2’s sunflowers are beginning to shoot and take off!

In class we’ve been discussing and predicting how long sunflowers take to grow, and how long it will be until they’ve grown taller than us! Please help by discussing this at home, as it’s a big part of our new ‘Plants, Growing and Changing’ topic. Along with planting our sunflowers we’ve been rehearsing and learning an instruction text that details how to plant sunflowers. Through this text we’re focusing on different writing secrets such as adjectives, bossy verbs, adverbs and time openers. Look out for these being focused on as targets in the weekly spelling homework, or we may have included an area for the children to focus on e.g. capital letters / full stops.

In maths we’re transitioning into a unit on addition, through which the children will be solidifying their understanding of all the different ways that they can make a number e.g. they can make 14 (7+7, or 6+8) and then how this links to larger numbers e.g. 70+70, or 60+80. The students are hugely enjoying using practical resources such as Numicon and Diennes to support their learning.

Through our Personal Goals we’ve been discussing and talking about adaptability and how important it is to be flexible. We’re discussing all the occasions when we’ve had to be adaptable, moving country, moving house, moving, moving school etc. The children have really dazzled us explaining their thought processes and strategies they’ve used to be adaptable.

Looking forward next week we’re hugely excited to be celebrating Green Week. We have a Green Photography competition that the children may want to enter into, details can be found on Moodle. We look forward to seeing you at the Walking School Bus on Monday morning.

Please find below a few snaps from our Roald Dahl celebrations last week, the children had an incredible day and raised a huge amount of money. Thank you again families for your support and generosity.


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