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What's Been Happening in Year 3

Primary Year 3

Year 3 are really beginning to apply the learning skills that they were introduced to in our new Learning to Learn unit of Enquiry.

This has become so evident in our new Discovery Unit of Enquiry - Saving the World. The students are focusing on developing their Thinking and Collaboration skills through the provocations and learning engagements that have kick-started this exciting unit. The students have been making connections to the concepts of Resources, Sustainability, Action and Consequence. This will then lead to a partnership with Plastic Free Seas to explore ways that we can maintain Earth’s natural resources and how this requires action to sustain them for the future. This is all great timing too as next week is a special Discovery Green Week which will focus on Sustainability.

Our English work is directly supporting the context of our Discovery Learning. In Reading and Writing we have been exploring a range of Non Chronological Reports - identifying features and purpose as well as developing our questioning skills of a text. Talk for Writing is also providing the students with an opportunity to structure a non chronological report. Roald Dahl Day was also a huge hit last week - such fun was had by all - a ‘whizpopping’ memorable day!

Our work on Place Value is allowing our students to gain a deeper understanding of number through the value of digits, ordering numbers and the connections to how we use number in the real world. A focus on process and the skill of communicating this when solving a problem has helped develop a greater understanding and has provided our students with further application. 

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